The new generation telecare

With its continuous analysis of the activity inside the housing, thanks to sensors that don’t need to be worn by the beneficiary (no need for pendant or bracelet), our system allows a monitoring with detection of risky situations and precaution for the elderly.
Efficient in case of abnormal absence of movement resulting from a fall or faint.

2 years of tests and validation before commercial launch(1)
90% of beneficiaries feel reassured by the alert after falling (2)
92% of care-givers reckon the system is reliable (2)
(2) 2015 Médialis study about SeniorAdom solution
Did you know ?
(1) The « Exapad label » was granted to the SeniorAdom telecare solution by Paris city and the Charles Foix geriatric hospital, priming innovative projects for the better- aging in France.

How does our innovating monitoring system work ?

Several sensors allow to analyse continuously the behavior of the person to be protected. These wireless connected sensors are located in each room and stuck to the walls with adhesives. They are connected to a box which communicates with our servers through Internet or GSM network. It contains :
  • An emergency battery
  • A SIM card working with several telecom providers
  • A speaker and a microphone for doubt removal
Our software automatically learns the beneficiary’s behavior and sends an alert in case of abnormal behavior.
Did you know ?
We can also integrate any type of detector that could give more information about what happens inside the housing in order to improve the system.

Types and transmission of the alerts

Here is a non-exhaustive list of alerts, fully configurable, and settled by the teleassistance system.
Critical alerts :
  • Abnormal absence of movement
  • Absence of wake up at an unusual time
  • Absence of room change during an unusual period
Precautionary alerts :
  • No use of a room before a set time
  • Night outing
  • Outing and no return before a set time
  • Too long outing
  • Not any outing during an abnormal period (several days)
  • Front door opened
  • Abnormal temperature in the housing
  • Abnormal night activity
  • Significant drop or rise of the activity inside the housing
  • ...
Options for the transmission :
Text message
Transmission to a call center
Automatic call
The system learns that Ms.Martin usually spends 15 min in her bathroom, including 5 min without moving. If she spends 25 min there, without moving during 15-20 min, an alert will be sent.

SeniorAdom suits your needs

Mainly designed for individuals living alone, SeniorAdom is efficient for individual housing but also in different kinds of senior housing.
We provide a dedicated offer designed for your needs in order to suit perfectly the wish of your clients :

  • Senior housing
  • Senior nursing homes
  • Senior collective accommodation
  • Insurance and mutual insurance providers
  • Telecare providers
  • Retailers
  • Business introducer
  • Telecare providers
  • Assistance providers
  • Private health insurances
  • Manufacturers
  • Integrators
  • Home automation providers
  • Telecare providers

An application for care-givers

  • Secured
  • Configuration of notifications
  • Beneficiary’s activity tracking
Did you know ?
For white labels, our app can be adapted to your needs.

A-la-carte services

Park management
  • Web portal to manage your beneficiaries
  • Monitoring of contracts’ status
  • Monitoring of the equipment
  • Monitoring of the alerts.
Centralised activity monitoring of the residents
  • Monitoring screen
  • Customized monitoring for each resident
Back office and installation
  • Technical monitoring
  • Batteries monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Installations
  • Technical
  • Commercial

SeniorAdom advantages for you and your clients


Installation of the equipment without any works nor wires


Nothing to wear, automatic detection

Home care

Security and precaution solution


Monitoring and customized actimetrics for you and your care-givers

A-la-carte services

Customizables offers

Granted service to the individuals

50% tax reduction for the subscriber